• Conventional electrode
• Wide over-potentials for oxygen and hydrogen evolution
• Chemically stable


Catalog No.DescriptionIsolationODID
002417GCE Glassy carbon electrodePEEK10 mm5 mm
002012GCE Glassy carbon electrodePEEK6 mm3 mm
012744LGCE Glassy carbon electrodePEEK6 mm3 mm
012297GCE Glassy carbon electrodePEEK6 mm1.6 mm
002411GCE Glassy carbon electrodePEEK6 mm1 mm
012298GCE Glassy carbon electrodePEEK3 mm1.6 mm
002412SGCE Glassy carbon electrodePEEK3 mm1 mm
002002MCE Micro carbon fiber electrodeGlass4 mm33 µm
002007MCE Micro carbon fiber electrodeGlass4 mm7 µm



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