Multi-channel Battery Testing

The Multi-channel system includes turnkey integration of Greenlight’s environmental chamber, load bank, power supply and data acquisition system, all housed in 19” rack towers.

Flow Battery Test Stations

Greenlight is the world-leading supplier of fully-automated flow battery testing systems for durability and R&D testing of Redox flow cells. We can provide customer references from major research institutions.

Electric Vehicle Engine Test System

Greenlight offers turnkey dynamometer assemblies for electric vehicle engine development. The EV motor test rig can be used for performance and durability test applications, and includes 24/7 automated operation for unattended drive cycle testing.

Gamry Battery Testing

Gamry provides several systems for battery testing and has included a number of unique features in our software that help to reduce acquisition and analysis time.

Gamry’s potentiostats are well suited for battery testing of materials to coin cells and all the way to large format cells.  We even have a system for stack testing.