Confotec MR150
It is a multifunction and compact confocal microscope.

MR150 is the best Raman microscope in its class that deserves the maximum score for the price/quality criterion due to its spectral resolution, spectral calibration accuracy, universality, and ability to perform a variety of Raman measurements.

Four configuration variants allow to choose the best system solution for your needs:

MR150-SMR, MR150-SR, MR150-S and MR150.

  • Fully integrated with a standard optical microscope
  • Rigid design, no preadjustment is needed
  • Compact spectrograph with a fixed position of Grating provides high thermal and temporal stability of  spectral measurements
  • Nondestructive analysis, no special requirements for sample preparations
  • Two automatic switchable lasers with different wavelengths allow to measure the Raman spectra of the various samples without influence of fluorescence background
  • Two independent imaging spectrometers allow to optimize the spectral range for each of the two installed lasers or achieve an extremely high spectral resolution using Echelle grating in a spectrometer
  • Only some sample areas are located in focus due to limited confocal depth of field. A high-speed reflected unit allows you to quickly find a sample focus areas and to use them for Raman measurements. This provides a significant gain in time and allows you to immediately apply a high numerical aperture objective to record high spatial resolution Raman maps
  • High speed and high spatial resolution panoramic Rayleigh scattering imaging using a galvano-mirror scanner and an automated microscope stage
  • The whole spectral range at once may be recorded, without the need for scanning and spectrometer tuning
  • Automatic spectral calibration
  • The whole spectral range at once may be recorded, without the need for scanning and spectrometer tuning
The most complete configuration corresponds to the model MR150-SMR,
  • Microscope with an automated stage
  • Two manually switched lasers: one laser is integrated into the Raman system (473 nm or 532 nm), another one is external (633 nm or 785 nm)
  • Two independent imaging spectrometers in one housing, each of which has a diffraction grating in the fixed position and a CCD detector cooled by the Peltier element
  • X-Y galvanometer scanner
  • Z- piezoscanner
  • Reflected Unit for high speed imaging using Rayleigh scattering from a sample (3 sec / frame, 1001 x 1001 points)
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