The most advanced active vibration isolation system

  • Active vibration control
    0.5 – 100 Hz
  • 6 degree of freedom active control
  • Custom dimensions and special attachments available upon request
  • Counteracts unwanted vibrations for sensitive equipment
  • Significantly reduces vibrations and disturbances
  • Seamlessly integrates into the workstation environment
  • Requires no follow-up tuning

Microscope Image Comparison using with and without our Anti Vibration System

Without Vibration Isolation

With Active Vibration Isolation

Key Benefits:

  • Patented Architecture
  • Active Vibration Isolation in all Six Degree of Freedom
  • Shortest in height, lightest in weight
  • Improves microscope performance and quality
  • Easily Integrates into workstation environment
  • Requires no follow-up tuning
  • Fully decoupled architecture isolating vibrations coming from the floor and vibration generated by the tool.



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