Planetary Ball Mill

The planetary ball mill is widely used in many fields of geology, mine, metallurgy, electric industry, construction, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, environmental protection etc.

Laurell Spin Coater

Spin Coaters are widely used by researchers in Semiconductors, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology

Anti Vibration Table/ Vibration Isolation Table

Vibration Isolation Tables

  • Active Isolation in all 6 degree of freedom
  • Cover wide vibration frequencies range
  • Not require air support
  • Easily integrated into laboratory environment
  • Not require any maintenance
  • Provides advanced vibration isolation
  • Shortest in height, lightest in weight
  • Integration into the workstation environment
  • Improves tool performance and quality
  • Patented architecture
  • Fully decoupled architecture isolating vibrations coming from the floor and vibration generating by the tool.
  • A wide range of  Models for up to 4000 kg load