BET Surface Area Analysis is an important tool for characterizing the wide range of powdered samples. It finds use in a variety of fields such as

  • Adsorbent (such as activated carbon, silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieves, activated carbon, calcium silicate, sepiolite, zeolite, etc.);
  • Ceramic raw materials (such as alumina, zirconia, silicates, aluminum nitride, silica, yttrium oxide, silicon nitride, quartz, silicon carbide, etc.)
  • Rubber material reinforcing agent (such as nano calcium carbonate, carbon black, silica, etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Battery Materials
  • Metal oxides
  • Nanomaterials
  • Catalysts

We have installed JW-DA Multipoint BET Surface Area Analyzer in our application laboratory in Mumbai. We can analyze customer samples at nominal charges. The salient features of the JW-DA system are

  1. Model: JW-DA
  2. Principle: Low-temperature adsorption, desorption at room temperature; Flow Chromatography
  3. Function: BET surface area single point. Multi-point, Langmuir surface area, Reference Comparison Method
  4. Structural Features: Four analysis stations, four samples can be tested simultaneously. Pretreated independently
  5. Pressure Range 0.05—0.35   
  6. Sorption gas:  Nitrogen ( 99.999%)
  7. Carrier gas: Helium ( 99.999%)
  8. Test Range    Surface area ≥  0.01M2/g no upper limits
  9. Test Accuracy Repetition accuracy ±1.0%
  10. Control Method:  Automatic control, the nitrogen partial pressure adjusted automatically; adsorption - desorption automatically.
  11. Degassing: Vacuum pretreatment machine, it can handle up to 4 samples, at 400℃.